What to Expect

We often think about what to expect on any given project: Will they finished on time? Will it be on budget? Will the quality be what I expect? And so on…

At CJC Roofing we tell you up front what we will and won’t do, we give you our pledge in writing that you will be treated with respect and professionalism by all of us.

We are not your everyday average roofing company. If you want honest pricing, quality service, and confidence that the job will be done right call CJC Roofing LLC, we strive to serve our customers in such a manner that builds trust, integrity, and gives the customer a true feeling of value.

1. You will ALWAYS be treated with the utmost Respect.

2. You will ALWAYS be given a Fair Price that allows for a Win-Win relationship.

3. You will ALWAYS be performed the work you were Promised. 

4. Work will ALWAYS be performed by the highest standards of professionalism.

5. Your home will ALWAYS be treated as if it were Ours.

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