Code of Ethics

The CJC Roofing LLC customer experience is what really separates our company from our competition. It is made up of several simple and integrated steps that all add up to us exceeding your expectations.

We pledge to you that we will always strive to deliver the following:

Step 1

However you first contact us, you WILL be listened to, and we WILL gather all the necessary information from you to ensure that our complimentary roof inspection WILL be productive and satisfactory to you.

Step 2

You WILL receive email confirmation of your appointment with us.

Step 3

You WILL recieve photo documentation on all work performed on your project.

Step 4

We WILL always respect your home.

Step 5

We WILL always have proper licencing and insurance for your protection.

Step 6

You WILL have a proposal in your hand within 24 hours of our appointment.

Step 7

We WILL take all possible steps to ensure that the installation process is smooth and successful.

Step 8

We WILL confirm your scheduled installation and we will arrive on time.

Step 9

We guarantee our workmanship, and upon the completion of your project we WILL walk you through the work and review the maintenance and upkeep requirements of your roof.

Step 10

We are always available to you, and WILL stay in contact with you, should you have further questions.

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