What to Avoid

Top 5 Roofing Scams Below

1) “Free Roof Inspection”  Some companies will telemarket an entire area warning them of severe weather that effected a lot of roofs in their neighborhood.  Somehow they always find damage on your roof and tell you to open an insurance claim in the hope an adjuster will find damage or simply take their word for it.  While there are acceptable and legitimate companies doing free roof inspections make sure to do your homework and get a few opinions before committing to anything.

2) “Storm Chaser” Beware of out of state or area companies that set up shop in an area of a large hail or wind storm.  There are some national companies that simply sub out work to local contractors or workers when a storm hits.  They will set up large signs and a trailer.  The problem is these people LEAVE.  Most roofing problems described in sections on this site come down to workmanship issues and often don’t show up for several years.

3) “Buy Now!”  A high pressure sales tactic used to take advantage of people and CONVINCE them to sign the contract immediately. Legitimate contractors can afford to wait while you make an informed and intelligent decision.  They tell you today is when you must sign the contract “or else”   Ignore high pressure sales tactics and ask the contractor to leave.

4) “Low Price Guarantee”  While this may seem like a good thing on the surface it always ends up costing you in the long run.  A contractor who simply lowers his/her bid to get the job isn’t doing you any favors! There was a reason for the higher price and you should ask them to explain it. The roofing field is FILLED with underground contractors, not properly licensed, insured, who don’t pull permits.  They often aren’t factory trained and improperly install products.  Don’t use the cheapest you’ll regret it.   It’s better to pay too much than too little!

5) “Limited Time Discount”  To be clear there are occasionally manufacturers discounts or incentives to urge homeowners to use their products.  However, some contractors have resorted to telling prospects of non existent deals in order to get them to make a decision quickly.  Ask for documentation of the supposed limited time deal and if possible get verification from involved third parties.

Don’t be scammed, decieved or tricked into buying a roof!

If the “deal” or contract doesn’t feel right, trust yourself.

CJC Roofing always does free estimates so call us and avoid the scams.

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